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Year: 1995
FOB: $2,820
Year: 1990
FOB: $6,815
Year: 2003
FOB: $13,446
Year: 2007
FOB: $2,850
Year: 2000
FOB: $3,533
Year: 1995
FOB: $5,398
Year: 2000
FOB: $750
Year: 2008
FOB: $1,200
Year: 2004
FOB: $1,846
Year: 2008
FOB: $1,010
Year: 1990
FOB: $6,049
Year: 2013
FOB: $24,685
Year: 2004
FOB: $8,400
Year: 2013
FOB: $2,585
Year: 2006
FOB: $2,287
Year: 2003
FOB: $1,970

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Customer's Voice from Kiribati

Mr. I.R



Seller:CardealPage Co., Ltd.

19th Apr 2014

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Dear Osada,
Thank you for the CRV that I ordered from your CardealPage. I've received the unit and it is exactly how it looks on the web page just within three weeks. This gives me an impression that CardealPage is simply the best in terms of competency and reliability.
Please keep it up CardealPage and I look forward to do business again with you in future.
I personally would like to thank you Osada for your constant support throughout the purchase which ends a success.
Thank you again and God bless you and your endeavours. I give you 5 out 5 points and 2 thumps up!!

Best regards,

Thank you so much for your kind words! Please come back to CardealPage again. We will provide you with the same high-quality vehicle as well as second-to-none customer service.
We look forward hearing form you!