Overview guidance of online purchase

Pre-purchase inspection of vehicle conditions

We purchase vehicles from used car auctions all around Japan. We also have stocks of all local used car dealers of Japan for listing on our website. Professional Japanese inspectors check vehicle conditions before our purchase.

Transportation of Vehicles to our stock yards

Purchased vehicles from all around Japan are transported to one of the four yards belonging to CardealPage

Vehicle inspection in our stock yards

Professional inspectors of CardealPage check vehicle condition to see if it is in the same pre-purchase inspected condition.

Cleaning & Maintenance

For supplying greater condition vehicles to our customers we do cleaning and maintenance of vehicles to provide maximum satisfaction.

Business Negotiation

Our professional staffs with more than 10 years experience of exporting cars will respond to customer’s needs.
They have been in business trips and visited our customers in Asia, Africa Caribbean and South Pacific.

Payment Confirmation

Our accounting staffs confirm payment according to customer’s invoice number. Please make sure to put your invoice number on the bank application form when you make payment. Your shipment will be getting faster.

Pre-shipment inspection

We do inspection to make sure there is no new damage on vehicle during storage period in the yard. We do maintenance of the vehicle if there is any conditional change comparing to initial condition when we purchased it.

Customers can easily find their vehicle at the port of arrival because we label CardealPage sticker on the body of car and attach an information sheet on the front window.

Inspection before Exporting (Export Inspection)

Countries like Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and etc required JEVIC, JAAI, EAA inspections. We do all of these inspections on special lanes approved by inspection authorities.

Confirmation of Consignee Details & Courier Address

Please inform us your consignee details and address for sending original shipping documents. Delivery address can be amended from 'My Account' section on CardealPage.

Departure of vessel

Our logistics department staffs who ship over 4000 vehicles per year, book the fastest possible shipment.

We can arrange the fastest possible shipment because of our ability to arrange customs clearing and shipment from any of 7 major ports of Japan which are: YOKOHAMA, KAWASAKI, NAGOYA, OSAKA, KOBE, MOJI or KANDA.

Finally, vehicles are shipped to customers from Japan. Shipping Companies send B/L to CardealPage within 4 days after vehicle departure date.

Dispatch of shipping documents / Bill of Lading (B/L)

After departure of vessel Shipping Company delivers B/L to us. We will send B/L and original shipping documents by international courier service.

Contacting with Clearing Agents or Shipping Agents

Once original shipping documents are delivered from CardealPage, please contact clearing agents and confirm how to receive your vehicle.

Confirmation of Estimated Time of Arrival

We notify customers about delivery schedule once again before arrival of their car. Estimated Time of Arrival can be checked in email we send and also on 'My Account' section on CardealPage.

Receiving & Driving Your Own Vehicle!

Please arrange the process of receiving your vehicle by contacting clearing agents or shipping agents.

We are confident that you feel very comfortable when driving your own vehicle which has just arrived from Japan. We all CardaelPage staffs wish vehicles that we delivered to be your life-long companions.We look forward to receiving pictures of your vehicle with your comments about it and our service.

First Drive! Important notice!

Please avoid driving your vehicle right upon its arrival because of possible dry-up of engine oil during long period of shipment. Battery of vehicle might also be flat, that is why we advise customers to leave vehicle with running engine for 15 to 20 minutes.