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Pesquisa por Fabricante

TOYOTA (317)
NISSAN (308)
HONDA (341)
MAZDA (73)
SUZUKI (301)
BMW (1)
AUDI (1)

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Udara Pinidya
English, 日本語

Informação da Empresa

At Phoenix Co., Ltd., we have comprehensive vehicle inspection (other than JEVIC and JAAI inspection) that consists of road test, mechanical, electrical, and body work areas as well as inspecting the interior of the vehicle. Mechanical inspections and maintenance are regularly undertaken to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle, and also for its quality control to provide our customers with true satisfaction. We have examination of a vehicle's components such as oil, water, brake oil, clutch, mission oil for smooth shift feeling, wiper blade, lights, and equipped repairing tools such as jack, tire wrench and so on. And just to make sure, we have inspection and maintenance again before it is shipped. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality vehicles at Phoenix Co., Ltd.




1-9-1 Inukura miyamae-ku,kawasaki-shi,kanagawa-ken,Japan

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Used Car Dealer And Exporter (Phoenix Co., Ltd.) Operating Hours Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM



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T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)




English / 日本語

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Comissão de Segurança Pública. Nº de Registo.

Nº de Registo. 452540000414

Informação das Filiais

What’s Phoenix Co., Ltd

Our company our main business is a used car dealer in japan that is why it
is easy for us to sell also for export because we already have the stocks,
which is 3000 units. we have 25 branches all over japan with 3 rent cars
shops. All our vehicles are inspected 3 times by first is our inhouse
mechanic, 2nd is third party website we use for local sales here, and last
is for japan roadworthiness inspection. that is why all our vehicles have
a high quality that has passed japan registration standards, unlike car
exporters who just buy from the auction put in their yards to be sold.
the condition of our cars is very different from other exporters.
also, all cars have been detailed interior and exterior. Also, our
vehicles that are kept and found in the Owen phoenix storage facilities,
so, you can buy with complete confidence and trust.
Check the Phoenix website for additional information.

CardealPage Local dealers'sales agent

-Automobile Sales and Purchases (Domestic, Import, New, Used Cars)
-Auction Business
-Rent-a-car Business
-Automobile Maintenance and Repair
-Export Business
-General Insurance Agency

Approximately 3,000 cars in stock and 23 branches all over japan with 3 rent cars

We are members of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association), Safe Trade (JUMVEA Safe Trade for 100% Money Back Guarantee), Japanese Car Trade, and Trade Car View

Car Life with Phoenix

We are company based here in Japan. We export different kinds of vehicle to different parts of the world

Please feel free to inform us in case of any concerns.
We are always there to provide you with our best services and support